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Extraction of structured knowledge from ancient sources (eAQUA)

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Nowadays the usage of digital sources in Classical Studies is mostly restricted to search for e.g. special phrases, names or positions in a text. But beyond these standard applications it seems promising to use modern information technologies for an dvanced study of digital text resources and for automatic extraction of structured knowledge for Ancient Science. The eAqua-project aims at generating specific knowledge from ancient texts and will provide this knowledge via an open web-portal to the scientific  community for future empirical studies. For this purpose researches from the fields of Computer Science and Ancient Science will cooperate to adapt the available text mining technologies to the needs and requirements of the Ancient Studies.

Project data

Project execution organisation: DLR ( Project execution organisation for the BMBF)
Project number: 01UA0803B
Project duration: 2008-04-01 to 2011-03-31

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